A Robin Sang



A robin sang in the air so free

Met the Man and his heavy Tree

Upon the Way of Calvary

And the time of the Pasch was near.


O King of All the Kings ‘ere born

Ne’er saw I a Crown of Thorn

Nor king so weary, so forlorn

– And the women gazed in tear.


The Thorn it pierces His White Brow

Why, o King, such pain allow?

My time has come, My time is now!

– And his enemies gloat and cheer.


Down he flew to the Sacred Tree

To Thorn-crowned head in hops goes he

The piercing thorn his beak to free

And scorn for the threatening spear.


One piercing thorn he quickly chose

And tugged, and, how red blood flows

Was shed alike for friends and foes

– Oh children, listening hear.


How Robin’s breast’n a Red gold stain

Robin passed away from pain

By the spear of the Crown is Robin slain

– Oh children, have not fright nor fear.


His subjects all, we are just as free

To help Him along to Calvary

What matter death if only He

In His Glory doth appear.


Ruaidhri Mac Eanraig, circa 1923


(The above poem was written by Ruaidhri Mac Eanraig ,father of  Cabinteely Parishioner Brendan Henderson. It was also put to music by Chris O’Sullivan, former director of the Cabinteely Gospel Choir. You can listen to him perform it by playing the music file below. )