Week of Guided Prayer

Week of Guided Prayer in Foxrock.

The annual Week of Guided Prayer for Lent will take place from 7 to 13 April 2019.  This is a retreat for busy people when trained Prayer Guides come to the parish to work with us.  You are invited to meet for half an hour every day with a Prayer Guide who will gently accompany you as you reflect on a piece of Scripture.  No previous experience is necessary.   Prayer Guides will be available  for sessions in the morning, afternoon or evening and they usually make every effort to meet you at a time that suits you best.  The Week of Guided Prayer will begin with a session at 7.00 pm on Sunday evening 7 April in Foxrock Parish Pastoral Centre when participants will meet their Prayer Guide for the week.  It will close with a session with Prayer Guides on Saturday 13 April at 7.00 pm.  It is necessary to register so that we can arrange to have Prayer Guides to accommodate everyone.  To register or to make further enquiries, please contact Maeve Davidson by email to maevedavidson@foxrockparish.ie